Minimalist Necklaces (plus Kendra Scott dupe!)

Statement necklaces are certainly a fun trend. They come in all shapes and sizes, and instantly dress up an otherwise simple outfit. Tee shirt and shorts + statement necklace= suddenly you’re frickin’Nefertiti.


frickin’ Nefertiti

However, sometimes you just want a little somethin’ special to complete an outfit rather than be a queen in all your regalia. In these instances, minimalist jewelry is your best friend. It has a low profile and is light on your neck, but still brings a little finesse. Personally, I don’t really feel like my outfit is complete without at least a small necklace and my watch. For the most part, I tend to prefer minimalist jewelry in every day wear, and save the big guns for a fancy dinner or an interview where I want to look like a million bucks.

I like the Kendra Scott brand. I own a Rayne tassel necklace that I wear all the time. it’s basically my go to necklace when I’m running out the door, 5 minutes behind schedule but want to look like I actually planned my outfit.  Kendra necklaces look unique and have a lot of variety for different tastes.


Kendra Scott Rayne necklace


Recently, I was intrigued by the smaller Elisa pendant, and I knew I wanted it asap. However, as a poor nursing student I’m not so cool with the price tag. I envy the ladies who can afford drop $50 for a necklace, but these days my broke self can only dream.
Right when I was about to add it to my “one day” wish list and move on with my life, I tried Etsy. Etsy almost always has good quality knock offs of popular clothes and jewelry, adn this search did not disappoint. I found a vendor who makes all different kinds of Kendra Scott inspired necklaces, and are almost perfect copies for only $10!!!


I could see myself choosing this necklace for everyday wear with casual outfits (I opted for the pearl white option, as it will match everything).

What do you think? Do you have any favorite jewelry brands, or know any money saving dupes?



Trend Snark: WTF are Culottes?!


Source: Zara

In my early 20’s, I survived the gaucho pants trend, which are basically wide leg yoga pants that unapologetically embrace their ugliness.  They say what comes around goes around, and now the impoverished 19th century orphan trend is back for 2016! The fashion industry has taken what has been collecting dust on Goodwill racks across the country, and has found a way to turn it into the next haute look!


Looking fetch, Oliver Twist!

I’ve never much been a fan of capris, or cropped pants in general with the possible exception of athletic wear. This trend just looks ridiculous to me. It doesn’t add the illusion of length, and sits at an awkward angle on the part of the leg it actually covers. I mean, it’s not like clothes are supposed to be flattering, right?

A wide leg pant that stops mid-calf is just bizarre to me. How do you even style it? The only passable examples I have seen kind of flare out a little bit and look more like a skirt than pants.


less strange, but still puzzling

But in this case, why not just get a skirt? Are you really that worried about a Marilyn-Monroe-over-the-air-duct moment?

I see this trend appealing to those of us who take issue with showing leg in the scorching summer months, or who want to easily disguise that they’re 9 months pregnant.

Any thoughts/arguments for this trend? I remain unconvinced that is an example of good “style”.